Destination Discovery Network

The First Space programme to offer access to Space for Everyone

Create your own missions and experiments through our fleet of customisable spacecraft. Initiate your personal Space Programme and explore the Universe!



Destination Discovery Network

The Destination Discovery programme aims to democratize Space to allow everyone access to Space Exploration.


We've developed a 'People's Space Programme' that will allow you and millions of others to explore the universe through the development of low cost, easy access, Space hardware and software that anyone can use, regardless of background knowledge and skills.

Destination Discovery is facilitating a global network of Makerspaces which will act as local community hubs and advance innovation through mass collaboration, paving the way for democratizing Space and creating opportunities for public participation in Space Exploration.

We aim to bring together people from all communities and sectors into one place to create, collaborate and innovate! Scientists, developers, engineers, artists, creatives, you name it, can all bring their ideas and skills to the same physical space to make, hack, tinker and build 'cool stuff'. It is through this collaborative process that we will focus our efforts on developing Space hardware and applications that will contribute to future manned and unmanned Space missions. Join people from around the world to come together and join forces to start the next space revolution. Be a true space pioneer through getting hands on and building your own personal spacecraft, missions and experiments.


Through the Destination Discovery Makerspace Network you will be able to:


Choose from our catalogue which spacecraft you would like to use. Design your own experiments and missions, you can even customise our hardware.


Find a local Makerspace from our online directory that is a member of our Destination Discovery Network and access the tools to get started on your projects. Perhaps you need some guidance on how to put your project together? Our Destination Discovery Mentors and Ambassadors will be onsite and online at Makerspaces around the world to help you get your project underway.


We are developing a number of courses, apprenticeships and internships to give you the opportunity to gain internationally recognised qualifications and accreditation.


Access advice and guidance on developing your mission, apps and projects from space industry experts

Destination Discovery Network

In 2014, together with a number of partner organisations, Artemis Space established the Destination Discovery Network, a global consortium of Makerspaces, Museums, Science Centres, Educators, technologists and developers. Our core aim is to make Space accessible to all, and we see this as a vital step in opening up access to education and training.


By establishing Makerspaces in community used spaces, communities can learn, gain new skills, develop their own businesses and use tools which were previously inaccessible to them. By bringing community members together to work collaboratively with support from organisations, we will create a technology literate society, empowering citizens to overcome global challenges.


To arrange a consultation or workshop, send us a message.

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